New products

a hand holding a pink box with a cherry in it

Lip kit

two bottles of peach flavored lip balm on an orange background
a pink bottle with a pink flower on it
a tube of lip balm sitting next to a bunch of flowers

2024 lip balm get honey or peach and style fresh for the rest of the year with our new lip gloss

a person holding up a bottle of perfume
a person holding a bottle of perfume in front of a couch

Crystal lip gloss

a box with a teddy bear in it
a person holding a box of pink roses

It’s the time of year to get your special someone something treat them with a spa day with our rose soap

dk eyeshadow palette in pink and gold
a pink eyeshadow palette is sitting on top of a pink pillow

Perfect eyeshadow kit for travelers

a person is holding a package of a strawberry brush set

All new brush set for 2024